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About Sudoku

Dear players! Welcome the best FREE online logical game Sudoku Wizard! Its objective is to increase your concentration, IQ level, relaxation and getting fun! Sudoku Wizard is a simple but challenging game! You don’t need to be genius at maths, all you need is your logic and the knowledge of numbers from 1 to 9. Insert each number correctly in cells of the grid, so that they will present only once in 3х3 grid and in each row horizontally and diagonally of the 9x9 grid.

This game is loved by millions of people of all ages! Plunge into the world of colorful graphics, user-friendly navigations, new daily puzzle, bonus puzzles and weekly competition! Feel the atmosphere of rivalry! Use hints to play quicker and gain more scores! Invite friends or compete with random players! Be the Wizardion!

Sudoku Wizard increases your concentration, develops your logical thinking, brings the feeling of relaxation and makes you happy.

A cool game, designed specially for you. It grasps you at once and for a long time! Easy to play anywhere and on any device you like either your mobile or a tablet. Have it your pocket, don’t waste your precious time!

Sudoku Wizard - a logical game for intelligent people. Join us!

Our benefits

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Daily Sudoku
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